Newsletter March 3rd 2019

SOUTHPORT UNITING CHURCH          Let’s Pray Together          March 2019

Connecting to the Heart of God, Congregation & Community

Please pray each day for; Pakistani Family, Barbara C Labrador Gardens, Rev. Dona, Margaret S, Rev. Anne W, Jill M, Thelma B, Jeanette H, Liam (9yrs old Leukaemia), Lynette S, Helen, All our Friends in Nursing Homes.

Fri 1 Children & Youth Ministry. We pray for Cheree, our newly appointed ministry person to guide & nourish in God’s leading, the families at 4pm worship and Mainly Music. Amen

Sat 2 Pastoral Care. Father God, enable us as a church to offer pastoral care within & from our church to families young & older as well as the sick in hospitals, at home or in care.

Sun 3 Adoration. Loving & Gracious God of blessing, spirit of encouragement, one with our living Saviour Jesus Christ, we humbly walk in the light of your love seeking joy in you. Amen

Mon 4 Confession. Almighty God, enable us to let go of what is not worthy, true, positive & productive in our lives. Forgive us when we fail in our support roles as you keep us faithful.

Tue 5 Thanks. We give thanks to God as a church for ministries here at Southport; sharing worship, serving the hungry, visiting the sick, encouraging the lonely & telling our stories.

Wed 6 Supplication. In prayer together we ask God to guide & bless our ministers, Rev Ian & Pastor Jon. We pray for Pastor Jon, Maree & family, as they relocate later this month. Amen

Thur 7 Strategic Plan. Connecting with the Heart of God. Our prayer for each other at S.U.C. is to focus on our loving God & to grow in the grace & knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fri 8 Children & Youth Ministry. Father God, enable us all to be open to change as we encourage new members, families & children to be welcomed into our church family. Amen

Sat 9 Pastoral Care. In love we bring in prayer our nominated elders & pastoral carers from our S.U.C. for strength of faith, deepening compassion & ongoing energies with blessings.

Sun 10 Adoration. With glad hearts we will raise our voices in song together in worship. Lord bless our music leaders. We pray for guidance at our Congregational meeting today.

Mon 11 Confession. Father God, forgive our omissions from the past we keep re- finding. We accept forgiveness in the blood of Christ & ask that in salvation we may all move on.

Tue 12 Thanks. Today I am thankful for health & strength as I pray for my weak areas. Today I am thankful for scripture to learn from stories, messages & the miracles of Jesus.

Wed 13 Supplication. We bring all who are sick before God in prayer….for healing of mind & body & wholeness of spirit, as well as compassion & comfort in grief. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thur 14 Strategic Plan. Connecting with the Congregation. Father God, enable us to be welcoming & all embracing to all who are in our many activities & worship services here.

Fri 15 Children & Youth. Today, loving God, we pray for our Mainly Music families & 4pm congregation. We ask you to fill their lives with your love with a deepening faith in Jesus.

Sat 16 Pastoral Care. Lord, hear our prayer for the Small Groups with their wide variety of activities. Promote us to support our leaders & encourage fellow members in their faith.

Sun 17 Adoration. We praise God to be part of his universal church as we pray for members all around our world, in our own U.C. South Moreton Presbytery & in our own church.

Mon 18 Confession. Talk to God about your own ministry to family, church, mission & our community – seeking openly that he guides you into deepening faith to be open to his lead.

Tue 19 Thanks. As a congregation we are thankful for God bringing those with many & varied gifts to use for Christ here and for the many who tirelessly go on rosters regularly.

Wed 20 Supplication. Lord, bless all in our nursing homes; residents, visitors, chaplains, staff plus preachers & supporters especially those at Labrador Gardens & Woodlands. Amen

Thur 21 Connecting with the Heart of Community. Gracious, loving God, may we show hospitality as we share our faith in outreach here at Southport & our home communities.

Fri 22 Children & Youth. Almighty God, we bring to you for blessing the many generations & ages of our own families. Send us to minister with the love of Christ & pray for your family.

Sat 23 Pastoral Care. Lord God, show us how to minister to those who sleep around our church. Be in our judgements & actions, giving us wisdom as well as compassion for all.

Sun 24 Adoration. Today we each one brings our gifts, responsibilities & roles within our church to God for blessing as we graciously acknowledge Jesus as our Lord & Saviour. Amen

Mon 25 Confession. As a church we confess having failed many who dropped in to visit or came & went unseen by us. Open our eyes & hearts to find new energies to try again. Amen

Tue 26 Thanks. We thank God for finances to fund ministry & maintain our property. Thankyou God for generosity to our community & that we can support those in need. Amen

Wed 27Supplication. We pray for those recovering from drought, flood or storm damage both in our own state & country & overseas in the many areas of need, violence or war.

Thur 28 Strategic Plan. Leadership. God our Father, Son & Holy Spirit, bless all our church councillors & leaders, especially our assistant chairperson & secretary in their new roles.

Fri 29 Children & Youth. Today pray for R.E. teachers, pastors & chaplains plus classroom teachers in their roles with the young. We pray for safe spaces for children to learn.

Sat 30 Pastoral Care. Loving God, we pray for the elderly who struggle with health, mobility, finance or lack support. Lighten their load we pray & bless them with support needed.

Sun 31 Adoration. Father God, we give praise & thanks to you for past years at S.U.C. as we embrace your mission & ministry of today, going forward together into the future. Amen