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Last updated: September 2, 2015 at 7:39 am

This Sunday morning is the “Flourish Celebration Service” with special guest speaker Rob Nicholls speaking on Luke 14…”Building inclusive communities”.  

Sunday evening is “Creative Connection” service where a chaplain for the deaf community attends and “signs” the whole service.

Special guests, Saul and Rebecca Thurrowgood  are moving with their 3 girls to Romania to focus on the Wycliffe Mission which is aimed at the Deaf Community globally. It is called “WordSign”. Basically it is a 3D way of signing so that the real signers are projecting something that can track a signing person and be presented as a 3D character. Come along and learn more on this interesting subject.

                                                               service times edited                     Refreshments are served following all services
                 A parenting room is provided

loop-logoA professional induction loop system has been installed to all seats in the church. It is suitable for cochlear and hearing aid users, and those without aids who need some help hearing.

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