Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together       

Prayers for  


A collection of prayers to prepare our hearts & wills before & into Lent & Easter.             


Wed 1. O Lord, you have always been our home; before you brought the world into being, you were eternally God & will be God forever. In gratefulness, we thank you, loving and generous God. Amen.

Thur 2. “The Lord is my shepherd…. He gives new strength.” Ps.23:1,3. Father God, bless & guide Rev Julie as she leads our flock here at S.U.C. WE pray for good health to her & her loving family, in Jesus, amen.

Fri 3 “Be dedicated to God’s service & pleasing to Him.” Romans12:1. Lord, bless all who serve on our rosters at S.U.C. with abundant blessings. Lord Jesus, may we be each one encouraged to serve here.

Sat 4.  Jesus tells us, “Remain united to me & I will remain united to you.” John15:4. Let us lift in prayer our Church Counsellors & leaders, in thankfulness. Lord, bless the work of our Church Council, in your name.

Sun 5. “Come to me & you will have life! I will make a lasting covenant with you.” Isaiah 55:3. Blessings abound here on earth as God promises us. Together on the Lord’s Day, we praise & thank Him. Amen

Mon 6. “The commands of the Lord are trustworthy, giving wisdom to those who lack it.” Psalm 19:7. WE pray for us, our congregation, that decisions made individually & together will bring life into our missions.

Tue 7. “You are the people of God, he loves you & choses you for his own.” Colossians 3:12. Be contented in sharing God’s love in ministry to others, continuing in his love for all mankind, drawing them to him.

Wed 8. Thankyou God, for my daily needs met; food, shelter & care with enough to share with others in need. Thankyou for friends & family, as I pray for each one, in thanks, bringing needs to you for blessings.

Thur 9. In prayer we bring the residents of Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge, vulnerable in age, health & often isolated from family & friends. Lord Jesus, give each one a special touch of your love, today. We pray for the staff; nurses, kitchen & serving staff, cleaners, physios & for Stella the support chaplain.

Fri 10. Creator God, who perfectly makes the sun to rise each morning, warm my heart to receive your love. I am thankful to see the beauty of nature & just to know you made me & love me is enough. Amen

Sat 11. Loving God, bless our world with healing amidst all the trauma of war, virus outbreaks, cancer & breakdown in our bodies as we age. Wrap your healing hands around us & show us how to care with you.

Sun 12. “Gracious God, thankyou for memories of happy times & comfort for the difficult ones. Friends are a treasure & I pray for my friends & neighbours today, through the power & love of my friend Jesus Christ.

Mon 13. Almighty God, revive compassion in our hearts for those we find hard to love, care for or support. Ask God how you could generate hospitality to faithfully share God’s generosity to us all, in your name.

Tue 14. Loving God, I would have your spirit in my life to guide & bless. Give me words to pray for our world & it’s many fractures in living & relationships. Enable us to preserve life & find joy in the simple. Amen



Wed 15. “Do not be worried or upset – believe in God & believe also in me.” John 14:1. I pray for those in our community with mental health problems, including dementia. Wrap them in your healing love. Amen

Thur 16. “Be merciful to me O God, because of your constant love.” Psalm 51:1. Cast the heavy burden of sin & guilt to Jesus, at the foot of the cross. In confessions receive cleansing & wholeness, new life in him.

Fri 17. “God will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care.” Read Psalm 91 & in our world full of dangers, through prayer you will be safe in his love when you put your trust in his words of truth. Amen.

Sat 18 “Hear me O Lord when I call to you! Be merciful & answer me.” Psalm 27:7. When feeling alone & hurt or dismayed, pray & wait upon our mighty God. Allow him to fill your life with abundant blessings.

Sun 19. “Lord, you created every part of me”. Psalm 139:13. When God feels far away – be still in his presence & thankful for his grace. “Guide me in your everlasting way.” Verse 24. Reflect on this Psalm.

Mon 20. “It was faith that made the walls of Jericho fall down.” Hebrews11:30. When you have a heavy burden read this chapter to see, “What a record number have been won by their faith.” Be strengthened.

Tue 21. “What kind of man is this that even winds & waves obey him!” Matthew 8:27. Pray about the stress in your life & in your family, knowing God is there for each one of you. Pray in the name of Jesus.

Wed 22. “Come to me” says Jesus, “I am gentle & humble in spirit & will give you your rest.” Matthew 12: 28/9. When you need peace for yourself or another, come into God’s presence, with your cares. Amen

Thur 23. “I will always be with you; I will never abandon you.” Joshua 1:6. When you need courage for a task, be assured of guidance from the Holy Spirit. God is the same from days of old, now and always.

Fri 24. God’s love is always watching over you so come into his presence to pray. Just begin saying…. My Father God, here I am today…… Let your thanks, praise & concerns flow as phoning a special true friend.

Sat 25. Loving God, I pray today for smiles to be shared – showing love & caring to each other. Thankyou for love that is forever. As the flower opens it’s petals to the sun, open my heart to give love to others.

Sun 26. “We have a great High Priest who has gone into the very presence of God – Jesus, the Son of God.” Heb.4:14. Let us worship him, be blessed with his grace & love, thankful to serve in the name of Jesus.

Mon 27. Lord, bless our church administration and the many tasks the office undertakes. Enable us to build up finances in our fundraising and be generous as a congregation to support the work of ministry here.

Tue 28. Mighty God, renew our vision as a church, going forward in your name into community. We thank you for new initiatives, enthusiastic leaders & Rev Julie to guide us & deepen our faith & commitment.                                                                  .

Wed 29. Make today a day of reflection & personal commitment, discerning where your talents & ministry support lies as you step further where God is leading you, where needs call & where you are blessed.  Father God, I am grateful & thankful for my daily needs met & for your guidance in my life. Amen

Thur 30. “The kingdom of God………is like a mustard seed…… when planted it grows with such big branches…….” Matt.4:30-34. Read these verses, finding the picture & story of the kingdom of God, beginning here on earth. Lord, enable us to plant right here, the seeds of your message of love. Amen