Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together       

Prayers for  


A collection of prayers to prepare our hearts & wills before & into Lent & Easter.             


Thur 21 Let us together in the city, pray for all who live in country towns or in the bush, often with isolation, lack of medical facilities & fluctuating weather events. Pray for towns & for families known to you. Amen

Fri 22 In prayer we bring those struggling financially & the homeless. Many are recovering from recent floods & still desperate. Lord hear our prayers for the opening of avenues of support to them. Amen

Sat 23 The ongoing issues of migrants & refugees are often resolved very slowly. Lord, we pray for more efficiency & inclusiveness in the process with positive actions & care to make them feel valued. Amen

Sun 24 Healing God, the sufferers of mental health issues & their families are on our hearts, that we be more understanding & open to supporting community initiatives & projects. Lord, bless each special one.

Mon 25 ANZAC DAY. Father God, as we sadly remember & honour those Australian & New Zealanders lost in war, we pray for the peoples of Ukraine, suffering war & aggression from invasion, homeless & hungry.

Tue 26 Psalm 29: 11. “The Lord gives strength to His people & blesses them with peace.” While we pray for peace around our world, we ask God to help us, in His peace & strength to be His people here in Southport.

Wed 27 Gracious God, we pray in your name for the Aged Care Homes, with sickness, staff shortages & lack of funding. Our most vulnerable are suffering so we earnestly seek more generosity to our aged folk.

Thur 28 Today, Loving Lord, hear our prayer for our outreach ministries of Worship, Prayer Walk, TOT, Friendship Group & Movie Group. Bless our Office Staff & those leading the groups in your love. Amen

Fri 29 Psalm 29:4. “The voice of the Lord is Majestic.” God of nature & powerful forces, I focus today in praise & adoration of you. Each morning I am awed by the sunrise and nature’s response as the birds awaken, flowers open & life for the day flows onward. Father God, I see your handiwork everywhere.

Sat 30 1 Peter 5:7. “Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.” We are never alone as God is walking with us. He knows our pain & shares our grief, comforting us with the light of his love & grace. Blessings.


Sun 1 As we join together and share in communion, pray for those who have never had the privilege to partake or know what Jesus has done for them.  JESUS = Jehovah, Every Sinners Ultimate Sacrifice

Mon2 Community and Church gather for bowls today, pray for more opportunities to be born where Church and community become as one.  CARE= Christ’s Arms Reaches Everyone                      

Tues3 Give thanks for Cassandra as she is the face of SUC in many ways, and always seems to be guided with wisdom and compassion.  Support her in prayer as she serves church and community. ASAP= All Souls Are Precious

Wed4 May the messages of hope, righteousness, compassion, and faith continue to be revealed through the movies shown at Church.  Pray that movies will stir the imagination and expand the mind.        WOW= Wonder Of Wonders

Thu5 Pray and expect the Bible to reveal new ways of thinking.  Remember we are transformed by the mind; therefore, our thoughts must continually be realigning with God’s Word.   MIND= My Inspired New Direction.

Fri6 Please pray for all volunteers within our Church community and take time to appreciate and encourage them.  Perhaps give some thought to an area you may like to explore and serve. TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More

Sat7 As we rise to welcome the brand-new day, give thanks for The Word, the life-giving Word which forever nourishes and sustains us in all circumstances. Pray for increased understanding of the Word and how to apply it to our daily lives, in order that we reflect the image of Jesus The Christ.   WORD = Way Of Refreshing Daily

Sun8 Give thanks and praise, for we are able to worship wholeheartedly and free.  This week ask others about their faith journey and perhaps share your faith journey with them.  HOPE= Hear Other People’s Experience.

Mon9 Today might be a good day to pray for the wayward, lost & those on the cusp ready to give up. O Creator God draw them near that we may bear Your image and give them hope to live.  CHAOS = Christ Has All Our Solutions

Tue10 God of all wisdom we pray for Church Council, that they be guided, and be as one, as they discuss and discern YOUR will for YOUR Church.  We pray that each member rest in YOUR blessed assurance that YOU will lead them with YOUR wise counsel Father.  WISDOM = We Inspired Seniors Desire Open Minds

Wed11 We thank you for the growth and learning TOT offers Lord, and pray that You will lead this ministry into the future.  Gather those from church and community who will benefit from such an outreach God, so we can embrace them and grow together.  GROW = God Rules Our World

Thu12 We pray YOU whet our appetite for our daily Bread Lord, give us a spiritual hunger which never wanes.  O Creator God, every need we have, YOU have provided for way in advance.  Holy, holy, holy is YOUR name. Amen              BREAD= Bible Reveals Every Answer Daily

Fri13 O Lord God we pray for all those who are unwell whether in hospital or elsewhere. Lord, we ask that YOU meet all in their time of need and bring to remembrance, that YOU have designed each one, to walk through this world in trusting dependence on YOU, The Supreme Healer of all Creation.   SICK = Secure In Christ’s Keeping

Sat14Seek to find joy in this day I have made for you. I’ve hidden many pleasures along your path. Search for them and thank ME. Many of the little things that delight your heart are unique to you.  I know you so intimately that I can provide just what you need to make you glad. Rejoice, beloved Rejoice!..... And then rejoice some more.           SMILE= See Miracles In Life Everyday.

Sun15 Give thanks and pray for Rev Julie as she faces the many challenges in Ministry.  Let’s remember, it takes a congregation full of love to raise a Minister who will continually step out in faith.  FAITH= Full Assurance In The Heart

Mon16 You are the light of the world because you know ME as your Saviour.  Let your light shine before all peoples, tell them the wonders of who I AM and all I have done, for I AM the ONE who has called you out of darkness into the marvelous Light. Pray to walk boldly in the Light of Christ.   LIGHT = Live In God’s Highest Truth

Tue17  Father God, remind us of the adventure, excitement, wonder & amazing grace contained within the covers of The Holy Bible. Encourage us to seek YOUR wisdom and revelation and help us to not lean on our own understanding but be guided by the Spirit of Truth.     HOLY BIBLE = He’s Obviously Left You   Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Wed18 Creator God, how amazing you are! We are all created in YOUR image yet at times, there’s a struggle to embrace our neighbour who is unfamiliar or presents in a way different to the norm. We pray for encouragement to release any biases or unfairness which may have subtly taken up residence in the confines of our minds. Lead us deeply into prayer to overcome what is not of YOU Lord. PRAYER=Positive Reassuring Action Yields Eternal Results

Thu19 May you be encouraged to tap into your limitless imagination which has been woven beautifully into your DNA; to ponder new ideas, goals, visions or dreams to bring Thy Will to Southport Uniting Church as in Heaven. Share your ponderings with Rev. Julie.    CHURCH = Come, Have Understanding Regarding Christ’s Holiness

Fri20 We give thanks for all the crew who contribute to the morning tea and the time of fellowship after each service: whether it be by serving, donating food, setting/packing up or introducing new faces to others.  Bless them Lord, let them know they are greatly appreciated.      CREW = Christ Rewards Everyone’s Work

Sat21 Creator God today we celebrate YOUR faithfulness and unfailing love.  We give thanks for the friend we have in Jesus, and praise YOUR Holy name that we are assured, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  God of forgiveness, we surrender all sense of inadequacy & give it over to Jesus the Christ. Our desire is to be unhindered in anyway, from fulfilling the purpose YOU plan for us.   FRIEND = Fully Reliable In Each New Difficulty

Sun22 Listen extra closely today for the message and allow it to be delivered to your heart.  Church can be a wonderfully exciting time, especially when one turns up, expecting to hear a message relevant to one’s own life.                                        HEAR= He’s Eagerly Awaiting Response

Mon23 Prince of Peace we pray you will be the gatekeeper of our tongue and ask that everything we say, think, do and become, will be a love offering to our Father and bring glory to His Name.  LOVE= Living Our Victory Everyday

Tue24 Thank YOU Lord for all those you have given the ministry of intercessory prayer.  May they be reminded of it’s great importance and how greatly it’s needed to help bring Thy kingdom to earth as in heaven.                    LORD=Leader Of Real Disciples

Wed25 O Great Creator, encourage us to build relationships with the people hiring the hall. Remind SUC to shine The  Light as a beacon on a hill and to share any Church events with them.  Lord, please create opportunities for friendly interaction with everyone who use or hire the hall.            SHINE=Serve Him In Never-ending Eagerness

Thu26 Today we pray for everyone who crosses our path and extend to them a margin of generosity and grace. A warm welcome and a sincere heart will leave the heart print of Jesus.  GRACE = God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

Fri27 God of rest, we pray for peace of mind as Rev. Julie takes her day off.  May all distractions dissolve as she trusts in the True Vine. May new life be poured into her spirit and fresh energy given to her body.  Comfort her Lord in all aspects of weariness we pray.  TRUST = Totally Relying Upon Scriptural Truth

Sat28 Father replenish that insatiable hunger to be obedient to YOUR will. Compel us to never cease learning of YOUR love and YOUR wise ways. Remind us of YOUR heavenly insight and let us not bow down to resignation but rise up with gusto, hungering for everything the risen Christ offers.         IMPACT= Is My Passion About Christ Today

Sun29 Pray for those hidden areas in your life where there is a restlessness or a stronghold which continues to nag.  Ask for the peace which is beyond understanding to be given you.  PEACE=People Experiencing A Christ Everlasting.

Mon30 This day lets pray to know Jesus more intimately, to love Him more intensely and to follow Him more truly. Shhhhh! Listen to the still small voice who calls YOU by name and gives YOU life.   LIFE = Live In Faith Everyday

Tue31 This is a good day to draw strength, to abide in Thee and Thee in us.  It is a time to truly live out the promise we claim to profess.  Lord, we thank you for giving us YOUR courage and boldness to truly live what we say we believe. Amen.                THANKS = Thanking Him And Not Keeping Silent.