Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together               Dec 2020

God of the lonely, Father of the troubled, sharer of every difficult situation, be with the many weighed down by problems. Make the light of Christ be their saving grace and send along a friendly face. Amen

1 Tues Let’s accept the invitation today and feast as we ’Taste and see that the Lord is good’, and as we enjoy the flavours of The Lord lets pray that many others will also come and sample this incredible life giving goodness.

2 Weds Thank you Jesus The Christ that you are the companion of the weak and generously supply all our needs in full measure, no matter what those needs may be.  YOU are our Supplier and Sustainer.  Let us really immerse ourselves in this truth today.  Pray that we be empowered to differentiate between needs and wants. Amen

3 Thur Lord, we give thanks for the Clergy all over the world, who are called to shepherd your people.  Bless them mightily Father for there are so often unexpected and unseen demands placed upon them, yet they soldier on, so The Good News will be told.  Hem them in, protect and encourage them Lord. Amen

4 Fri Shower blessed assurance upon all those who are feeling insecure, troubled and are not sure which way to turn dear God.  Gently turn them around and make all ears attentive to The Good News. O dear Lord let it be so. Amen

5 Sat Heavenly Father, our Church building is in order, we now pray for your followers to prepare themselves for newness, creativity and wonder.  Lord God, tenderise our hearts, open our minds a little more and fill us with a fresh willingness to walk in YOUR Spirit as we gather in your holy name. Let YOUR LIGHT reach out. Amen

6 Sun Today light a candle of HOPE as this is the first Sunday in the season of Advent. Jesus the great and wonderous HOPE from Almighty God. We ask that YOU refresh the peoples of the World and fill all with a renewed HOPE which never fades. Amen

7 Mon HOPE is a wonderful thing. It could mean Heart Open Please Enter.  We pray that our hearts are opened a little further day by day and that HOPE will forever be recognised for the eternal gift it is. Amen

8 Tue Heavenly Father we invite you to fill us with YOUR Spirit, to set us on fire with love and wonder.  Keep us burning brightly so YOU will be made known.  Praise YOUR name O yes! Praise YOUR name forever more. Amen

9 Weds Today is a great day to give thanks for all volunteers. O Lord how wonderful that you fill their hearts with a desire to serve Church, Community and each other.  Bless them richly we pray.  Amen

10 Thur  Encourage YOUR Church to fill the streets of Southport with prayer Father, and fill every business with integrity and every individual with a new sense of community and inclusivity. Let everyone know they belong. In the name of Jesus, we bow Amen

11 Fri Father God, we pray for the ministries, outreach, and activities which will begin in the New Year.  Lead us into adventure, into the unexpected, take us outside the box and fill us with enthusiasm Lord. For YOU alone gives us a future, daring us to go.  Amen

12 Sat Today is a great day to pray for the youth in the cities, who YOU Almighty God, have earmarked for your purposes. Prepare us for when you usher them in Lord.  Encourage us to move over and give them room.  O dear Lord, gather them in and pour out YOUR Spirit in a mighty way we pray. Amen

13 Sun Today light a candle of PEACE and let us explore the PEACE of Almighty God.  Let’s ask that HIS peace will begin within us and spread across the land, sea & sky like wildfire.  O let YOUR peace saturate all the peoples of the earth Lord we pray.

14 Mon  ‘Those with sound thoughts you will keep in peace, in peace because they trust in you Isaiah 26:3  O Creator God, so often we forfeit a sound mind because of worry.  Empower all peoples to desire the peace of a sound mind Lord we pray. Amen

15 Tue ‘Whatever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do…If ye shall ask any thing in my name I will do it’ John 14:13-14 O Great Redeemer we pray for SUC to flourish with goodness, mercy and compassion. We pray that the Light will shine from the inside out and that the lost will find great comfort.  Thank you for answered pray Lord God. Amen

16 Weds Lord God, we pray that all who come to ‘the local church’, for whatever reason, are welcomed with such warmth that they become curious and want more.  Touch these people with YOUR love in a very special way. Amen

17 Thur Perhaps today we can pray for the gift of broken chains. Lord there are so many addicted too many things and are on a spiral downward.  In the name of Jesus we ask that YOU use our faith on their behalf to break the chains of addiction, until they are able to pray for themselves. Set them free Lord God, set them free we pray. Amen

18 Fri Heavenly Father stir in us a deeper desire, to ‘feed’ on The Living Word, The Word made flesh.  Remind us again and again of the new life it brings.  O dear God stir in us a hunger for YOU so that we can’t help but share The Good News.  In the name of Jesus we pray amen.

19 Sat  Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.  Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord and let Him be heard joyfully this Christmas and beyond.  Amen

20 Sun Today light a candle of LOVE.  Love may mean that we can Live Our Victory Everyday. It’s often said it’s the little things that count’. O what a difference a little girl named Mary made with little faith, little obedience and a little babe. Lord God, we pray that YOU will be revealed in the small things we do and say each day.  Amen

21 Mon  Dear Lord we pray that many will experience Christmas in a new LIGHT this year. O Lord God lead us all to new beginnings where we will learn afresh of your great and sacrificial love for us.  Amen

22 Tue Heavenly Father, we pray that you unfurl YOUR colourful and inclusive ribbons on graciousness and dangle them before the lost.  Let them know Lord that it’s time to come, to come as they are, to sit awhile with YOU. Amen

23 Weds Dear Lord, We think of all those children & young adults in care and all the parents full of worry as Christmas approaches. Surround them with YOUR heavenly hosts and nurture them with love divine. O Father God we ask that this is the time for them to awaken to YOUR invitation. Amen

24 Thur Almighty God, we pray that YOU will empower us to unwrap and use our spiritual gifts which may have lain dormant until now.  We ask YOU to fill us with boldness & excitement as we discover the uniqueness of each gift as it’s used for YOUR glory God Almighty.  Amen

25 Fri  In the name of Jesus The Christ we bow for HE alone is the HOPE of the World.  Heaven came to Earth that ALL will know The Father. CELEBRATE this wonder in our daily lives so that the LOVE of God will be clearly seen, JOY will fill every heart and PEACE will be the new way to live.  Amen

26 Sat ‘….The reason I was born and came into the World is to testify to the Truth.  Everyone on this side of Truth listens to me’ John 18:37. Almighty God we pray that YOU shine YOUR light on any ‘untruth’ which may have sneakily entered in.  Amen

27 Sun Today light the candle of JOY. As the festivities of Christmas abate, Father God, ignite in us a new passion, a new hunger to learn more of YOU.  Fire up new confidences so that people live with such excitement & JOY that it becomes contagious. Amen

28 Mon  Heavenly Father, we pray that the SUC hall will become a thriving metropolis with a full quota of people/organisations hiring the hall to support the Ministry and mission of the Church. Fill it up Lord we pray. Amen

29 Tue Today is a good time to ponder ‘the peace of God which surpasses all understanding’, what an incredible gift Lord?  Please guide us deeper into YOUR peace Father and teach us how to remain there. Amen

30 Wed Creator of all, we pray for a ‘welcoming path’ to be laid out before Rev. Julie, as she prepares for her placement at SUC.  Minister to us, in ways that we may love, support, and encourage her dear Lord.  Amen

31 Thur Let the words of Mary lead us into the New Year…’I am willing to be used of the Lord.  Let it happen to me as YOU have said’. O Lord fill us with courage as we commit afresh to walk this same path of faithful obedience. Amen