Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together       

Prayers for  October


Tues.1 “The Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings.” Malachi 4:2. Blessed Jesus, our Messiah throughout time, forgive, cleanse & uphold us in your saving grace.  Wed 2. As the sun rises & sets today, worship & praise God with a thankful heart. Let us look around us more closely & be thankful for needs met, love given & blessings abounding.

Thur 3. “Jesus went about…..healing all kinds of sickness & all kinds of disease among the people.” Matt. 4:23. Lord Jesus, our modern day healer, touch me with your healing power.       Fri 4. Today pray for those in Aged Care, Carers, families & support staff, in Jesus’ name. We lift to God the Chaplains & Volunteers who uplift with a listening ear or a fun activity. Amen

Sat 5. “There are diversities of (spiritual) gifts, but the same spirit.” 1 Corin. 12:4. Let us give thanks today for those who are blessed with the gift of healing, whether with kind words, medical healing skills, nursing, caring, patience or listening skills. We pray for the elderly.                  Sun 6. Give thanks for our Medical Services on the Gold Coast, lifting to God our doctors, surgeons, nurses, hospitals & medical centres. We pray for God’s direction & healing love.

Mon 7 “He showed me a pure river of water of life – the tree of life that bore 12 fruits – the leaves for the healing of the nations.” Rev.22 1-5 Lord Jesus, I look to John’s vision, trusting you for the future where you will continue to fulfill our needs & wipe away every tear.          Tue 8. Together we lift to God those grieving a loved one in their family or a friend. Lord, touch their lives with your compassion and stir us up as a congregation to support them.

Wed 9 “The Lord is my shepherd……He restores my soul.” Loving God, I depend on your safety & guidance. Comfort my sorrow, anoint me for service, as I give thanks for blessings. Thur 10. Whatever kind of healing you or your loved ones need, may God bless you, forgive you & heal you along your journeys each day with Jesus, our loving Saviour & Lord. Amen

Fri 11. “I am the Lord your God who heals you.”  Exodus 15:26 As the Israelites learned to obey the Lord and be blessed, so we look to obey your laws in faithfulness.  Amen             Sat 12. Loving God, help me with the areas of my life I find difficult & my relationships with people who are challenging. Pray for these situations in your life and family in Jesus’ name.

Sun 13. “Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious & merciful.” Joel 2: 13. In the midst of tragedy or failure, wrongdoing or difficulties, I look to you God. Pray for our community. Mon 14. Let us pray for displaced peoples & races, refugees & orphans; those homeless through war or other circumstances. We pray for our world in turmoil, oppression & need.

Tues 15 “Lord be merciful to me; heal my soul for I have sinned against you.” Psalm 41:4 Father God, I earnestly pray for forgiveness of errors or omissions. Lord restore my soul.              Wed 16. Loving Jesus, show me my faults & guide me through a better way forward. Give me more patience & empathy towards the pain & difficulties of those around me. Amen

Thur 17.  “I will restore health to you & heal you of all your wounds” says the Lord. Jerem. 30:17.  Healing God, I pray for ………….. for your healing touch seeking blessings in love.       Fri 18.  Gracious God, I bring my family to you in healing prayer; thanks for blessings, with medical issues, relationships, finances & needs, with our hopes for the future. Amen

Sat 19.  “Jesus called the disciples, sending them out to preach the kingdom of God & to heal the sick.” Luke 9:2. Lord, give me compassion to show healing kindness in your name.  Sun 20. Brother Jesus, hear our prayers for those living with mental health issues; for needs be met with good health plans, support staff & family, as we offer friendship to them.Amen

Mon 21.  “Do not be afraid, only believe & she will be made well.” Luke 9:50. Thankyou Jesus for healing many in your earthly ministry. Give us faith to believe in modern miracles.               Tues 22. Talk to God in prayer today about your own faith; to grow it, use it & be blessed.

Wed 23.  “Where do you get that living water?” Asked the Samaritan woman. Jesus responded , “ The water I shall give will become a fountain, springing up into Eternal Life.” John 4:14. Saviour Jesus, bathe me in the living waters of your salvation in life’s difficulties.                 Thur 24.  Let us lift up to God our Southport Uniting Church, Rev Julie & our ministry teams, leaders & Carers. Lord lead us onwards, blessing our ministries to each other & community.

Fri 25.  “He was wounded for our transgressions… & by his stripes we are healed.” Is. 53:5. Almighty God, you take my burdens, you share my sorrows, you lift me up into your joy, free of sin & guilt through Jesus your Son. Thanks & praise be to your name forever. Amen              Sat 26.  What does Jesus mean to you? In prayer, reflection & meditation, come to Him.

Sun 27 “Jesus received the multitudes & healed those who had need of healing.” Luke 9:11. Together we give thanks for answered prayer in our individual, family & church lives. Amen         Mon 28.  Let us pray together for our hospitals, surgeries & specialist centres, here on our Gold Coast, often stretched to limits & for stressed workers carrying heavy work loads.

Tues 29.  “Shout to God for joy, all the earth.” Psalm 66:1. Creator God we praise you, giving thanks for renewal & healing in nature, day by day. Show us how to respect of our earth, preserving rather than abusing, keeping us on track to care for all creatures here. Wed 30. In prayer I come, Awesome God, in an attitude of gratefulness for physical & spiritual growth & healing you have given me. I pray for all living with disabilities & daily restrictions; those in pain or struggling with disadvantages. Lord hear my prayer today. Amen