Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together               

“The Helper will come – the Spirit, who reveals the truth about God & who comes from the Father. I will send him to you from the Father & he will speak about me.” John 15:26.



We pray together for our World – in conflict, pandemic & inhumanity one to another.  Tues.1. Creative God, we pray for justice, peace & empowerment in your name. Hear our prayer for an end to violence & hatred, a helping hand to those living in poverty & want.  Wed 2. Lord Jesus, we despair of the bombardment of war in the Holy Land in the past month & give thanks for the glimmer of hope for peace to Israelis & Palestinians there.

Thur 3. We lift Afghanistan in prayer, against the terrible treatment of young people & families there, those homeless & powerless destroyed by the devastations of war. Amen  Fri 4. Lord Jesus, our Good Shepherd & protector, show us the way forward to stop gun violence & devaluation of life by the perpetrators, many young, to build love not hatred.

Sat 5. Pray today for Covid ravaged countries; India, the Philippines, South America & Europe. Lord enable breakthrough healing & prevention through available vaccines. Amen Sun 6. Loving God, in our plenty we pray for the Cambodian Crisis, plus refugees around our world needing food, clean water, shelter, safety from sickness & freedom from violence.

We pray together for sustainability & good stewardship of our World.  Psalm 104.                                        Mon 7. Give thanks to God for daily renewal of creation & his provision of needs. I confess to my misuse of resources & lack of gratefulness to God.  Lord, enable us to sustain & share. Tue 8. Yes, Lord God, you have indeed set the earth firmly on it’s foundations (v5). Thankyou Lord, for being my rock & foundation in life, may I inspire & support others amen.

Wed 9. Lord, you have created & how wisely you made it all (v24). I pray for wisdom in my decision making as I consider how this impacts others, not just myself. In Jesus, amen.   Thur 10. Father God, giver of life to the earth (v30), I pray for good choices in feeding my body & for inspiration from scripture to feed my soul, as I pray for those homeless, the poor & needy around our world, the inequality man imposes upon man. Lord hear my prayer.

Fri 11. “Praise the Lord, my Soul! O Lord God how great you are!” v1. Lord, may I, my family, community & church learn from your great generosity, impelled to go forth & serve. Sat 12. Together we pray for our minister, Rev Julie, our church leaders & councillors, seeking empowerment in the Holy Spirit, that S.U.C. will have a generous heart for all.

We pray together for Christians & the Christian Gospel around our World.                         Sun 13. We praise you God Almighty for the life, death & resurrection of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ & his witness to the world, told to us through the Gospel Message. Mon 14. Wondrous God, you have made us all different in looks with varying cultures & beliefs – join us together in the love & tolerance of Christ to be open in our love for all.

Tue 15. Compassionate Christ, as you loved your earthly family & friends, growing up & ministering, may we now, as your family not be afraid to embrace diversity & change. Amen Wed 16. Holy Spirit, embracing all, empower the downtrodden, women undervalued or exploited around our world. Show us how to speak up for justice, to make a difference.

Thur 17. Lord Jesus, we come as little children of faith, but conscious of the children in danger or want, sexually, physically or mentally. Lord bless all who work for a better way. Fri 18. Let us each one kneel before God our maker as we pray for the Christian message & congregations around our world who daily walk with our God to share his love universal. Sat 19. Gracious God, forgive my sinfulness, lack of action or compassion in my own daily life, as in prayer I come before you seeking & accepting forgiveness & renewal in love.

We pray for Families & Communities around our world embracing the young & old.                   Sun 20. Together we pray for the mission & ministry within & from our Southport Uniting Church, to give new hope in Jesus as we reach out in friendship & fellowship, each one.    Mon 21. Pray today for your own family, those close to you, living with you or far away, those with whom you have or have had differences & those suffering ill health or trials.

Tue 22. Compassionate Father God, be with all who are suffering from Covid-19 virus, those nursing them, researching, tracking infections or preventing the spread. In Jesus’ amen. Wed 23. We give thanks to God for his healing & the leading of our government bodies to enforce guidelines, keeping us safe. Pray for areas still vulnerable & God’s guidance. Amen

Thur 24. In prayer we bring the residents of Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge, vulnerable in age, health & often isolation. Lord, give each a special touch of your love.     Fri 25. Loving God, bless those who visit hospitals, hostels & nursing homes, showing the caring Jesus has taught us. Pray for the sick & staff, chaplains & families who give support. Sat 26. Father God, we bring brokenness in families through abuse or neglect.  We pray for those around our world with no family or separated, feeling isolation & lack of love. Amen

We pray for a deepening of faith & prayer around our world, in Jesus’s name.                 Sun 27. Lord, I look around the amazing world where you have placed me; thankyou for joy in experiencing life, for being with me through difficulties & answering prayer for me.    Mon 28. Immortal, invisible, God only wise……. We sing your praises, gain comfort & are encouraged through Christian music, thankyou. Deepen my prayer life & awareness of you.

Tues 29. Teach us Lord Jesus, in scripture, devotions & at our church worship as we become a community of faith, deeper committed to you as we put aside doubt & embrace faith. Wed 30. Lord, today fill each of us with your PEACE: Power, allowing Christ to rule in our hearts. Energy, in being empowered with Your presence. Attitude of a mind fixed on Christ. Called & engaged in faith ministry. Ever touched by & filled with the love of God. Amen