Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together               

God of the lonely, Father of the troubled, sharer of every difficult situation, be with the many weighed down by problems. Make the light of Christ be their saving grace and send along a friendly face. Amen


Thur 1 Humbly we come before our Father God, gracious & grateful that Jesus walked the road to Calvary – for us. Forgive my errors & failings, Father, as I confess my sinfulness.

Fri 2 Good Friday. In shame we come to this day through the pain of our Lord Jesus on the cross & in his isolation in the tomb. In sadness his pain touches me but in awe I am grateful.

Sat 3 Easter Saturday. We give thanks today for the ministry & example Jesus gave us – all for God & not for self. Pray to step out in deeper faith into true discipleship with our Lord.

Sun 4 Easter Sunday. “Shout to God for joy, all the earth.” Ps. 66:1. Christ is risen, life is in Jesus forevermore. Loving Lord, may we live in the light of your power & love, renewed.

Mon 5 As Easter Mon. brings many on our roads, pray today for safe journeys & common sense to prevail & courtesy be shared. Lord bless families in our homes & suburbs. Amen

Tue 6 Faithful God, bless each child in our school holidays. We pray for Christian nurture in families & education to be a benefit for all as God’s love is shared. I pray for…………..

Wed 7 We praise our God for the recent rains & especially for outback areas, plentiful water in rivers & dams. We seek support for damages to homes & lives left in trauma.

Thur 8 Let us together pray for all in our Aged Care complexes, residents, staff & families who give encouragement. Pray by name for those you know, now cared for by others………..

Fri 9 Living & Eternal God, in the busyness of our church activities bless Rev Julie & her family as well as our Church Council & Church leaders as together we share ministry here.

Sat 10 Today Lord, I reflect on my Christian journey – moving on from Christmas when we welcomed the Christ Child – past Easter with Christ’s death & resurrection, now moving on.

Sun 11 Glorious God, may we be joyfully lifted by word and song, today in our worship & praise. As our world battles Covid 19 we unite in prayer to relieve suffering, bring healing.

Mon 12 “As Jesus was blessing them, he departed and was taken up to Heaven.” Luke 24:51 Lord, deepen my faith & trust in you as I learn from Scripture & be blessed in prayer. Amen

Tue 13 Holy Spirit of God, hear my thanks for the life of Jesus on earth, his example, healings & teachings to me. May my life reflect the worthiness of Christ’s sacrifice, for me.

Wed.14 “The voice of the Lord is majestic…””Ps. 29:4. God of nature & powerful forces – we pray for those suffering from ill health. Pray for Covid workers & sufferers. Amen

Thur 15 “Cast your cares on him, for he cares for you.” 1Peter 5:7. We are never alone as God walks with us daily. Pray for his comfort in distress, rescue when falling and for hope.

Fri 16 “Teach me your way Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness.” Ps. 86:1. May I know your peace in my life. Lord, I want to allow you to change me, to allow me to bloom in working through my spiritual gifts to produce a fruitful life. Pray for future directions. Amen

Sat 17 Loving Father God, today I pray for my family – in all their varying needs – for healing – blessing – renewal. Look down upon them in your love, the young & the older, in Jesus.

Sun 18 As we open our church for reflection, praise & worship, may we open our lives to you, listening to the messages you send us in Scripture & Sermon, prayer & Song. Amen

Mon 19 Thankyou Father God for our study, nurture & activity groups meeting within our church or offsite. May we foster faith, fellowship & fun together. Bless our leaders. Amen

Tue 20 In prayer Lord I bring before you all who are living with sorrow & loss, those known & unknown. Lord show us how to reach out in an understanding & supportive way. Amen

Wed 21 In humility we pray for our fractured world: health issues, communication & mistruth, violence & aggression plus economic struggles, as we look to you for revival.

Thur 22 Wondrous God – we pray for our Uniting Church in Australia; lifting up the many small or struggling congregations, lacking leadership or ministry, or financial constraints.

Fri 23 “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.” Ps. 68:4. Write or say a prayer of thanks to God in gratefulness for his provision, beauty & wonders, for our needs.

Sat 24 In thankfulness for our world, let us pray for the farmers who daily battle hardships & for organizations that support the needy, including UnitingCare & for volunteers. Amen

Sun 25 Anzac Day. Father God, be with all who suffer in many ways from the anguish of war: loss of loved ones, disability & health issues We pray that veterans can gather safely.

Mon 26 PRAYER TOPICS FOR THIS WEEK: *Those struggling financially & the homeless. *Missions both here & overseas. *Students of Christian ministry. *Counsellors. *Those with mental illness & their families. * Migrants & refugees. Write a prayer for each one. Amen

Tues 27 Father God, we pray for the sick in our families, hospitals & nursing homes. May we support them as we lift them also to you in prayer for healing. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Wed 28 Lord, show me your glorious presence.“ Exodus 33:18. Today Lord Jesus, I ask that you lift my heart in joy with all my activities, to share this joy with all I see & meet. Amen

Thur 29 “I will be with you always to the end of the age.” Matt. 28:20. May these words of Matthew give you steadfastness, courage & hope in all circumstances of life. God bless you.

Fri 30 “Go to all peoples everywhere, making them my disciples.” Words of Jesus in Matt.28:19. Lord Jesus, may I share your love & message of Salvation, (God with us always), in my daily life & witness, to the glory of God our Father. Amen.