Newsletter December 2nd 2018

Southport Uniting Church                Let’s Pray Together                    Dec. 2018

BLESSINGS TO ALL FOR A LOVING CHRISTMAS AS WE CELEBRATE CHRIST HERE ON EARTH WITH US. Please pray daily for: Pakistani Family, Barbara Craig Labrador Gardens, Dorothy Rae Labrador Gardens, Rev. Dona, Gladys Peck, Margaret Smekel, Rev. Anne Wright, Jill Moore.

Sat 1 Almighty God, may we together offer a hand of friendship to all, to share our ministry in the community, being your church where we’ll build each other up in fellowship. Amen

Sun 2 Gracious God, as we begin meeting for worship at new times: 9AM & 6PM, humble us to be grateful for abundant blessings & open our hearts to change, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Mon 3 Together we pray for our ministers, Rev Ian & Pastors Jon & Lorin as they lead us through Advent into the glorious celebration of Christ’s birth.  Lord, bless and lead them.

Tue 4 Our Father God, forgive our sins & foolishness as we acknowledge our sinfulness.   Re- shape us in your love & forgiveness, through Jesus your Son, our Redeemer & Lord. Amen.

Wed 5 Humbly we pray for our Uniting Friends Group, meeting today, that friendship, care & shared fellowship will permeate each one attending, being  blessed in the Holy Spirit.

Thur 6 Father God, encourage us to give generously towards the gift bags being packed for our Community Breakfast recipients to receive later this month. Bless the leaders choosing & preparing items for them.  We give thanks for the many volunteers & helpers there.

Fri 7 Lord Jesus Christ, our loving Saviour, we bring in prayer all families in Mainly Music, their leaders & helpers, for a blessing of Christmas Joy, peace & love, in your blessed name.

Sat 8 Let us together pray for the elderly residents of Labrador Gardens/Woodlands Lodge. May the joy of Jesus lift their spirits as they celebrate this happy season with Christmas love.

Sun 9 Loving Father God, strengthen & bless our chaplains in Aged Care, especially Rev Afu  & Thelma at Labrador Gardens /Woodlands Lodge. We give thanks for their ministry. Amen

Mon 10 Pray today for our Christmas & New Year services & celebrations, with thankful hearts for our gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ. May we generously support the Christmas Bowl Appeal through Act for Peace, to help communities around our world who are underprivileged or in need. Lord give us generous hearts & bless the projects. Amen.

Tue 11 “Now remains Faith, Hope & Love, but the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13. Loving God, whatever we give & share this Christmas, enable it to be in Christ’s love.

Wed 12 Holy Spirit, hear our prayer for all who mourn or are sad at the thought of Christmas. May your touch of love be a comfort & bring hope to them. Pray for the Blue Christmas gatherings held today at 1pm & 6.30pm. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Thur 13 Together we thank God for the ministry & mission here at Southport Uniting. We are grateful for opportunities to share in worship, fellowship & prayer & for our leaders.

Fri 14 Father God, we lift in prayer all the teenagers finishing school this year & facing the future to work, study, train or support others. Lord guide & bless them with support. Amen

Sat 15 Lord, hear our prayer for children at risk; may better & safer pathways be mapped out & also for other vulnerable folk in our society. We pray for healing & care for the future.

Sun 16 Loving God we ask a blessing on foster parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles plus neighbours who support families in their parenting roles. Give thanks for your own family.

Mon17 We praise & thank God for the joy of music & the talents of those who sing or play. Inspire us as we enjoy the loved Christmas songs & carols, sharing Christmas messages.

Tue 18 In prayer we bring to God our hospital staff who at this busy time are constantly in demand. Lord sustain them. Bless our police on duty in our communities, keeping us safe.

Wed 19 Thankyou God for the generous sharing & caring of our dedicated Community Breakfast team offering support to the needy each Thursday morning. Bless each worker, seeing the hungry renewed, needs filled & love in the name of Jesus being shared. Amen

Thur 20 Community Breakfast Christmas Party. Father God, bless each one attending today as your Holy Spirit works among the group enjoying a Christmas Breakfast, gifts to share & fun to join in with others. Thank you for the relief of loneliness & for friendships made.

Fri 21 Let us give thanks for the blessings of having young people in our congregation. Father God, bless our Youth Group members & their leaders in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sat 22 Childrens’ Christmas Pageant. Creative Loving God, bless each young person presenting tomorrow at 5pm, this modern take on the Christmas Story. Bless all attending.

Sun 23 As we approach Christmas Day let us pray for our world – that God’s peace will replace turmoil & hurt brought about by war, terror or racism. Lord show me to care, amen.

Mon 24 Thankyou Almighty God for Jesus, sent from his Heavenly home to give himself humbly for us  Celebrate His birth day with His love, joy, peace & hope for our world. Amen

Tues 25 “There is born to you this day in the City of David, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord…. Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, goodwill toward men. Luke 2:11, 14. May our attitudes, speech & actions today reflect the joy of welcoming Jesus into our lives. Amen

Wed 26 Creative God, we pray for all families holidaying here on our Gold Coast as well as local families enjoying school holidays. Keep them safe on the roads, beaches & parks.

Thur 27 Let us pray today for those having difficulties in daily life, especially those with dementia, mental health issues, Disabilities or estranged from family & friends. Amen

Fri 28 May our Church make a difference for Christ in our community as we learn to be good listeners & use our spiritual gifts within our church and in our homes & neighbourhoods.

Sat 29 Lord, bless our church congregation as we share our faith walks. We pray for Uniting Care, Wesley Mission Qld services & staff in our South Moreton Presbytery. Amen

Sun 30 Let us together give thanks for our year of 2018; for provision of food, shelter, clothing, social gatherings, friends & family. Give thanks for the gift of salvation in Jesus.

Mon 31 As our year concludes reflect on Jesus’ words, “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind & heart. And the peace I give isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives, so don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27. Blessings for a Happy New Year to share with loved ones.