Newsletter 5th January 2020

Only 2 pages to the Newsletter this week. 



Southport Uniting Church             Let’s Pray Together                Jan 2020

Connecting with the Heart of God, Congregation & Community

Please continue to pray for: Thelma A, Heather M, Jeanette H, Bruce B, Pakistani Family, Barbara C, Lynette S, John & Bridget N, Billie S, Vivienne W, David & Pam W, John & Joan A, Owen C & Family, Sam & Sondra A’s Family, Rev Ian & Merlene W, Yuko A, All our friends in Nursing Homes.

Wed 1. In this new year, we hold on to the joy of our Lord Jesus present with us. Lord, show us how to serve with this faith day to day, building on our strong foundation & sharing this.

Thur 2. Let us thank God for our families, church, community, friends & needs met. Let us pray for all struggling with financial or health problems at this time, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Fri 3 “Trust in him at all times, you people, pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” Ps. 62:8. Let us sit quietly & focus on God, his love, compassion & creation. Amen

Sat 4. Triune God, we are thankful for Rev Ian, called to minister & lead us forward as a church in the name of Jesus Christ. Bless him & his family as well as our leadership team.

Sun 5. Almighty & Gracious God, deepen our devotion to worship you personally, as well as church corporate worship. Bless all who faithfully support music, sound & hospitality here.

Mon 6. Together we give thanks to God for those using their gifts of administration within & from our church. Show us how to give our support in areas of need in our ministry. Amen.

Tue 7. At Southport Uniting may we appreciate those members & chaplains who do pastoral care; visiting the sick, encouraging the elderly & praying with those in need. Amen.

Wed 8. “God demonstrates his love for us – in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. Confess anything you are holding back, that God can release & forgive.

Thur 9. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer for pastoral leadership into this new year. As we seek a new ministry agent, guide us and make us open to your choices and directions for us. Amen

Fri 10. For our world, Loving Lord, we pray for your peace in the midst of trauma, violence, pain & suffering. Enable us to accept your love and share this with all in our daily living.

Sat 11. “The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” 1 Peter 2:7. Put Jesus first today as you give time to pray, read his word & share with one another.

Sun 12. Together we thank our welcoming God, praying to become a more welcoming congregation, friendly, willing to listen & inclusive rather than excluding or exclusive. Amen

Mon 13. As the Southport Congregation, we each one, look to our God that we may value & encourage those among us who are chosen to serve as Elders, supporting their roles here.

Tue 14. Pray today for your Elder, by name, that God strengthens & sustains their faith, upholds their ministry and that they find the joy in serving our risen Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Wed 15. Let us give thanks for our resources. As today we practice gratefulness to our God may we endeavor to be less wasteful and more conscious of sharing with those around us.

Thur 16. Creator God, build us up, each one, to develop our Spiritual gifts, to be further led into full participation of Christ’s mission here at Southport church & in our community.

Fri 17. Lord God, we pray for the young families in our church & in our own families. Give the parents strength & wisdom in their parenting, blessing all in your loving embracing care.

Sat 18. Loving, provider God, we pray for all who are part of the housing crisis on our Gold Coast, with the high cost of rentals here. Pray for God’s guidance & a positive outcome.

Sun 19. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge him & he will direct your paths.” Prov.3:5/6. Meditate upon these words & let God guide & lead you.

Mon 20. Bring in prayer all parts of our Educational system, teachers & administration plus our students from Prep school to Universities. Pray for those students known to you. Amen

Tue 21. Loving God, today I pray for families & individuals recovering from abuse of any sort and pray for counsellors & support networks for these families who walk with them. Amen

Wed 22. Our prayers for the sick. Lord Jesus, we bring those in our hospitals undergoing operations or with ongoing illnesses. Lord touch them with healing & wholeness in love.

Thur 23. Lord Jesus we bring the needs of the elderly in care, especially elderly in our own families, among our friends and the residents & staff of Labrador Gardens Aged care. Amen

Fri 24. Let today be a day of prayer for our farmers and small towns in our dry land. Mighty God, raise up leaders, thinkers & doers to use all our resources to reach the needy. Amen

Sat 25. Be encouraged today in all you do as you pray for your own inadequacies, that God will build you up, leading you to support others with a joyfulness that only comes from him.

Sun 26. God calls us on this Australia Day to support, respect, value & encourage each other in our blessed country, regardless of gender, background, past or beliefs, sharing His love.

Mon 27. Pray for your neighbourhood. Loving God, bless those who live alongside me and at the far end of my street. Thank you for neighbourhood friends to support each other.

Tue 28. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.”Zech 4:6. Holy Spirit, fill us with the Grace of God, his kindness, mercy, pardon & love in our daily lives. Amen

Wed 29. Today Gracious God we bring for blessing our Wed congregation who faithfully meet for mid -week services. Uphold all our preachers, musicians & the helpers here today.

Thur 30. God of our Universe, today we bring the future of our church to you, thankful for the past and seeking wisdom in the planning steps ahead of us. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Fri 31. Psalm 23. Read and ponder on the Shepherd’s Psalm today, reflecting on Jesus, our Good Shepherd, his guidance in the past, support in troubled times & thanks for blessings.