Newsletter 2nd February 2020

Southport Uniting Church                Let’s Pray Together                 Feb 2020

Please pray for: Thelma A, Heather M, Bruce B, Pakistani Family, Barbara C, Lynette S, John & Bridget N, Billie S, Vivienne W, David & Pam W, John & Joan A, Owen C & Family, Sam & Sondra A’s Family, Rev Ian & Merlene W, Yuko A, Day Family, International Students, All our friends in Nursing Homes.


“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.” Isaiah 9:2  Prayers for healing & restoration in our lives, church, families, on our land & in our world. Amen

Sat 1 Father God, in this season of Epiphany, reveal to us the light of Jesus in our personal & church life. Walk with us in our difficulties & in our pain. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Sun 2 “Exalt the Lord our God & worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy.” Ps. 99:9. Wherever you worship today, give praise & honour with thanks to our loving God.

Mon 3 As school re- commences we pray for students & teachers, the little Prep children & older ones, especially those beginning high school or a university course, for God’s blessing.

Tue 4 We give thanks to God for recent rains & increased dam levels. With many farmers & townsfolk in financial distress & personal trauma we ask God for restoration & healing.

Wed 5 Loving God, bless all gathering today at Worship on Wednesday. Touch the needy with physical & spiritual healing- set them free from the worries or stresses of life. Amen

Thur 6  Lord, hear our prayer for those struggling to find & keep accommodation, pay bills or keep their lives on track. We ask for healing, new energies & motivation in their lives.

Fri 7 Father God, hold dear to yourself each family attending Mainly Music that they may open their hearts to your love & be blessed by your presence in their lives. Amen

Sat 8 “Help carry one another’s burdens & in this way you will obey the law of Christ.” Gal. 6:2. Who is God nudging you to support with a kind word, deed or comforting words?

Sun 9 “There is a river that brings joy to the City of God.” Ps 46:4. Lord, wash over us today – to cleanse & renew. Fill us with your peace & healing with the joy of Jesus Christ. Amen

Mon 10 Lord God, bless the families who have lost loved ones, property or livelihoods  in the bush fires. We pray that donated help will actually reach those desperately in need.

Tue 11 Lord, hear our prayer for healing in your name for all traumatized by the widespread fires & especially the fire fighters involved in the front line of action & defence. Amen

Wed 12 We are thankful of the community generosity shown supporting fire victims as we pray for all involved in the process of enabling material & financial help to be distributed.

Thur 13  Creative & generous God, you have created our amazing Australian environment, thankyou. We pray for animal carers who are helping injured wildlife, for blessings. Amen

Fri 14 Gracious God, we lift in prayer the staff & young people in UnitingCare residences of Harrison House & Williams House. Lord touch each one with your love today & each day.

Sat 15 Lord Jesus, bless & support Rev Ian, Pastor Marty, our Elders & leaders of S.U.C. who plan the year ahead. We ask you to heal the past and lead us into the future, thankfully.

Sun 16 “Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Ps 30:5. Lord, heal the hearts of all who grieve, live with pain or sadness, that the light of Christ will bring joy.

Mon 17 Today we pray for the many in our church or families who are in ill health, undergoing treatment or in palliative care, for blessing & healing. May we be supportive.

Tue 18 Creative God, we are thankful for new leaders of the 4C’s Craft Group & ask your creative hand be with them as they share ideas & fellowship with those who attend. Amen

Wed 19 As we pray for the lonely & isolated to find support & friendship, we also pray for the Uniting Friends Group, leaders & members who share support & activities today. Amen

Thur 20 Pray to our Gracious God for your neighbours, family & for yourself as you allow God to transform you with the bonds of faith & hope, caring for each other. See Rom 12:2.

Fri 21 Loving God, bless all the residents & their families, staff & carers at Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge. May we support those finding difficulties in their later years, in Christ.

Sat 22 “Be strong & courageous- for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Josh. 1:9. Lord, help me plan my day, give priority to the important things & trust you more.

Sun 23  “Be still & know that I am God.” Ps 46:10. Feel & know God’s presence in your quiet times with him: be open to relax, free your fears, calm your soul & hear his still small voice.

Mon 24 Loving Lord Jesus, bless our office staff with good health & energy in organizing many activities, sorting problems & supporting our community in your name. Amen

Tue 25  A call to repent of sin – to acknowledge we are part of a society of greed and need to live more simply and thankfully as we come into Lent. Pray about this and with God, act.

Wed 26 Ash Wednesday. At the start of Lent, Father God, forgive us in your mercy as we acknowledge our failure to live as you call us & renew us in the forgiveness of your Son.

Thur 27 Creator God, thankful for blessings, may we live gratefully in the joy of living in and knowing our world created by you. Show us how to practically conserve & enjoy our world.

Fri 28 On the road to Easter, Almighty God, may we learn with deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrifice as he walked towards the cross. Read & ponder John 14:1-14. Amen

Sat 29 Pray about what you will choose to change or do without to relate more deeply in prayer and action in your life, in the Season of Lent. May God richly bless you all in Jesus.