Newsletter 29th March 2020

Southport Uniting Church             Let’s Pray Together                April  2020

Connecting with the Heart of God, Congregation & Community

Please continue to pray for: Thelma A, Heather M, Bruce B, Pakistani Family, Barbara C, Lynette S, John & Bridget N, Billie S, Vivienne W, David & Pam W, John & Joan A, Owen C, Sam & Sondra A’s Family, Rev Ian & Merlene W, Yuko A, Botwright family, William, Marea’s Family, Margaret W, Betty R, International Students, All our friends in Nursing Homes.

Wed 1. Father God, health issues & stopping the spread of the Corona Virus are crucial in our families, community & world. Lord, be with everyone effected in the many ways. Amen

Thur 2. Loving Jesus, you often withdrew to pray, so in this isolation & social upheaval, nudge us all to take time to be with you – in contemplative prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Fri 3. Holy Spirit, as a church body, join us together with the threads of your love, comfort & patience as we suspend our services & gatherings at our church building & go online. Amen

Sat 4. In prayer we bring the families of our Gold Coast. Gracious God, comfort the lonely in isolation, heal the sick in their discomfort, enable the well to be positive & sensible. Amen

Sun 5. Let us today count our blessings as we worship our Triune God. Give thanks for daily needs met, family love & care, food, shelter, nurture & growth around us. Praise God amen.

Mon 6. In love we bring in prayer our health workers; doctors, nurses, wardsmen, technicians & all who give selflessly to care for the sick & enable us to keep well & healthy.

Tue 7. We come before you, our Father God, in this Holy Week, acknowledging our unworthiness, because of our sinful nature. Forgive us in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Wed 8. Lord Jesus, we ponder the depth of your love for us, to suffer & die a cruel death, for each one of us -save us from sin with forgiveness & raise us up into Eternal life. Amen

Thur 9. We pray today for Rev Ian, Pastor Marty & Jill, who continue to lead us in these difficult times. Link us all together in faith & prayer, strong in the power of Christ Jesus.

Fri 10. Good Friday. Luke 23:26-56. As you read the sadness of the story, allow God to tell you that he did it all in love. Lord Jesus, you took the pain may I be eternally thankful. Amen

Sat 11. John 14:1-31. Almighty God, in the darkness of the unknown, thank you that you are with us. Enable us to let the words of Jesus fill us, renew us & strengthen us. Share this.

Sun 12. Easter Sunday. Matthew 28:1-20 Let us be glad & rejoice in Christ’s resurrection which transforms us in salvation, new life through Him. Lord come in our need & fill us.

Mon 13. Christ is Risen. May we go on, forever changed by the Easter story, inspired & blessed to walk on our journeys with compassion to the needy, in the light of Christ.  Amen

Tue 14. Father God, we ask you to bless those who are being supported through the Lenten donations with Uniting World & others. Stir us to be generous & find ways of supporting.

Wed 15. Today we ask God to guide & bless all who continue to be affected by COVID-19, through illness or family disruption, unemployment, financial struggles or disadvantage.

Thur 16. Wondrous creative God, thankyou for creation day to day. We pray for researchers to find cures & vaccines, especially against virulent virus infections. Lord hear our prayer.

Fri 17. Pray today for your own family & neighbours with varied & changing circumstances, difficulties or grief. Loving God, may our actions be loving, our support ongoing. Amen

Sat 18. A Day of Thankfulness. Write a prayer of thanks & appreciation to our God for all his blessings, support, answers to prayer & ongoing encouragement. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sun 19. Gracious God, we pray today for our Uniting Church in Australia, wherever & however all the members may worship you. Bless them with love, to worship in praise.

Mon 20. Today may prayer bring for you; Peace in your heart, Rest for your soul, A humble attitude, Yourself blessed, Everything in perspective & a day of Real possibilities. Amen.

Tue 21. “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.” Psalm 92:12. We pray today for present & future ministries at & from S.U.C. Open our hearts Lord, to change in your will.

Wed 22. Lord God, comfort & bless the elderly, residents at Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge, those with families or alone at home. We pray for support to them in their struggles.

Thur 23. Set aside time to pray for the abused & needy in our society, the abandoned or lonely, mentally ill or sick. Pray for a way to help with a phone call, shopping or friendship.

Fri 24. Lord, hear our prayer for our Politicians in all areas of Government; Federal, State & Council. Pray for your own members in the tough decisions being made at this time. Amen

Sat 25. Anzac Day.  We pause to remember the sacrifice of so many over the years to defend freedom. Father God, comfort the grieving or troubled as we value them all. Amen

Sun 26. As today, Father God, we pray for families, we ask a blessing on the children being cared for by UnitingCare Out of Home Services & the staff who give support & guidance.

Mon 27. We are thankful Lord Jesus for our staff, ministers & volunteers in ministry at S.U.C. Pray for our Elders & Church Councilors, as we all support in many & varied ways.

Tue 28. Lord God, we pray for our world recovering from viral attack, with health & financial issues at the fore. Father God we want you in control, may we listen & act. Amen                                                                                                                             .

Wed 29. In our community are so many essential services provided so we pray for; Police, Ambulance, State Emergency, Armed Forces, Chaplains & Medical Teams. In Jesus, Amen.

Thur 30. “Peace be with You…. Receive the Holy Spirit.” May the Resurrected Lord Jesus whisper these words to you today, sharing the message, God’s Good News, He is Alive.

Psalm 23. Read and ponder on the Shepherd’s Psalm today, reflecting on Jesus, our Good Shepherd, his guidance in the past, support in troubled times & thanks for blessings. Amen