Newsletter 27th October 2019

SOUTHPORT UNITING CHURCH          Let’s Pray Together          Nov. 2019

Connecting to the Heart of God, Congregation & Community

Please pray each day for; Pakistani Family, Barbara C, Labrador Gardens, Margaret S, Jeanette H, Liam (9 years old Leukemia), Lynette S, John N, LizMcC, Betty F, Diana S, Thelma A, Bruce B, Billie S, Vivienne W, Glenda R, David & Pam W, John and Joan A, All our friends in nursing homes.

Fri 1 All Saints Day. Father God, we remember with thanks, the faithful who have served before us in our church and pray for those elderly now who need us caring for them.

Sat 2 Lord, hear our prayer for Rev Ian, Pastor Marty, Jill & Cheree who lead us in praise & worship day by day. Bless them with good health, inspiration & encouragement at S.U.C.

Sun 3 Loving God, we pray for the farmers plagued with drought that the encouragement we all give in many ways will support them. Lord, send the rain upon our land to replenish.

Mon 4 Lord, bless our office staff & roster volunteers as we pray for enough support to our ministry & outreach programmes into our community to reach others in the name of Christ.

Tue 5 “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Gal.5:25. Lord, I invite your Holy Spirit into my life to guide & bless me. Pray for Crossroads, in our Church tonight.

Wed 6 We give thanks for those who pray faithfully for our mission. Lord stimulate us into prayer. We ask a blessing on our Nurture & Connect Group members in Jesus. Amen

Thur 7 “She began to wash his feet with her tears.” Luke 7:38. Let us serve at the feet of Christ – not forgetting what it is like on the outside. Pray for the homeless & destitute.

Fri 8 Mainly Music 10am. As the toddlers, parents & helpers meet today Lord, we ask you to bring joy & hopefulness into their lives as they share & support each other in love. Amen

Sat 9 Father God, direct us to be generous when charities are seeking our help. Direct us to where funds are needed & where we as a family & church will be generous in Jesus. Amen

Sun 10 4pm Café Church. Lord God, gather us together to share worship, praise & to encourage as we learn of you & go out renewed & refreshed to face our week ahead. Amen

Mon 11 God of comfort, we bring to you the residents of Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge for blessings & support in their daily lives. Bless the staff that cares for them. Amen

Tue 12 4C’s Craft Group. We give thanks to God for Christian fellowship & shared creativity within this group & for the leaders through the years. We pray for the future leaders. Amen

Wed 13 “Your sins are forgiven.” Luke7:48. Be renewed each day in God’s love as you confess any wrongs & be forgiven. Read the story in your Bible & be blessed in Jesus Christ.

Thur 14 Chaplains. Let us together give thanks to God for the work of chaplains in our aged care homes, hospitals & schools. Lord, bless each one & those they support in Jesus’ name.

Fri 15 “Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge.” Ps.16:1. In the name of Jesus, our intercessor & support we pray for all with mental health issues. Lord hear their cries. Amen

Sat 16 We pray for our South Moreton Presbytery ministers, youth leaders & all who support our many churches, caring for young & older, from all lifestyles & diverse cultures.

Sun 17 6pm Worship. Creative God, may our congregation join to praise & thank your name & works as friends who have shared this service together over the years in love. Amen

Mon 18 We lift to God survivors of domestic violence with scars, psychological & physical, always with them. May hope, forgiveness, love & restoration bless their paths in Jesus.

Tue 19 We pray for refugees around our world seeking safe haven & new opportunities as they flee oppression in their home countries. We pray for justice & compassion for them.

Wed 20 Let us together pray for children around our world living in poverty, for a better future for them and a knowledge in their lives of our Loving Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Thur 21 Father God, show us how to show love to the unlovely, homeless, raggedy or unruly folk who come into our pathways. Bless our Community Breakfast with your love.

Fri 22 Our World. In quiet prayer, remember the areas of our world undergoing distress; pray for the peoples of Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel & Palestine. Lord be with them. Amen

Sat 23 Almighty God, we pray in the name of your Son Jesus for each member of our Church Council with important roles of guiding & implementing ministry & supporting us all.

Sun 24 “Keep me as the apple of your eye – hide me in the shadow of your wings.” Ps.17:8. We pray for all Christians around our world who worship our God together, in Christ. Amen

Mon 25 Loving God, we pray for your call upon our new ministry agent for our church in 2020. Bring us together & lead us into the future to work together in your name. Amen

Tue 26 “Whoever wants to become great among you must become your servant.” Mark 10:42. Remind us daily Lord to be humble, grateful & to live thankfully in you. Amen

Wed 27 10am Worship on Wednesday. Loving God, give a special blessing to our small group of worshippers today who come for inspiration, hope & encouragement. Amen

Thur 28 Loving Lord of Compassion we bring to you those laid low in sickness, ongoing health issues, convalescence or recovery from surgery. As we name them, Lord bless them.

Fri 29 We remember all in our hospitals or in palliative care especially praying for those who feel vulnerable, lonely or discouraged. Lord send some joy and encouragement. Amen

Sat 30 Come to God as you are, bringing your concerns, hopes, daily needs, plans & lay them all at his throne of grace. Take time to feel & know his presence as you share. Amen

Circle me O God. Keep hope within, despair without. Keep peace within, keep turmoil out. Keep calm within, keep storms without. Keep strength within, keep weakness out. Amen