Newsletter 23rd December 2018

Southport Uniting Church            Let’s Pray Together               January 2019

“Connecting with the Heart of God, Congregation, Community”

Please pray for those needing ongoing prayer: Pakistani Family, Barbara C Labrador Gardens, Family of Dorothy R, Rev. Dona, Gladys P, Margaret S, Rev. Anne W, Jill M, Thelma B, David W, Lynette S, Helen, All our Friends in Nursing Homes.


Week 1. 1-6. Gratefulness & Thanks. By the grace of God we are entering the gate of a new year. Let us give Him thanks & enter in joyful anticipation of the blessings ahead & the challenges they bring. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

Reflect on the goodness of God in our bounteous earth with His amazing ongoing creation, including ourselves. Give thanks for daily blessings in needs met. Amen

Father God, Thankyou for the inspirations of Scripture. Read Psalm 36 5-10 as it encourages us on our life journey. May the Lord be your shepherd (Psalm 23.)

“I will tell of your goodness. I will speak of your salvation though it is more than I can understand. I will praise your sovereign hand.” This prayer of the Psalmist in Psalm 71:15-16 urges us to lift our focus up to God & give Him the glory & honour due. May we join in praying this prayer together, through Jesus our Lord. Amen


Week 2. 7-13. Forgiveness & Renewal. Loving God, wash us again in the forgiveness of your Son Jesus, as we confess our failings. Touch us with your holiness – so we can be ready for your leading & call to minister. Amen

Lord of the ages – past, present & future – may we learn from our mistakes & be ready to see the needs around us with the compassion of Christ. As a church send us headlong into the wonders that this future year ahead holds, together. Amen

The promise of hope, peace, joy & love we gratefully received at Christmas warms our hearts & lives. May the Christ child’s love stay with us into 2019. We hold out our hands to receive with thanks. Pray for your own family into this New Year.


Week 3. 14-20. Grace in God – Guidance in the Holy Spirit. Through the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Loving God, you come to us. Make your home in our hearts to catch a glimpse of your majesty & as your servants, be part of your kingdom, here on earth.

Creator God, help me today to be satisfied where you have placed me & to brighten the lives of those around me with the love of Jesus. In His blessed name, Amen.

“O Lord, our Lord, your greatness is seen in all the world.” Psalm 8:1. We thank God for cultural diversity, love shared in families & communities, human endurance & capability & for life itself. Take time to ponder on the blessings God bestows.

Loving God, some journeys this year will be familiar, some new, while some endeavours will be long & tedious. Enable us Lord, each one, to be strong in your power & love. Show us how to walk humbly through life with you. Amen


Week 4. 21 -27. Using Our Gifts. Pray for our Ministers, Church Council, Leaders & our Congregation.  Spend some time in prayer for what this year may bring to us as a church; where God is leading, what He asks of you & how we will work together.

Thank God for your own abilities & special gifts & talents He has given you. As we share them with each other we are blessed. In commitment focus on your own Christian walk, ups & downs of the past, how you are led now & into the future.

We pray for our ministers, Pastor Jon & Rev Ian as they lead us & preach God’s message. Lord God, give them inspiration & strength to guide & encourage us all.

Lord Jesus, our Saviour from Bethlehem, hear our prayer for a blessing on our Church Council members, Church Leaders & Elders, in their roles & positions this new year.

Father God, as a Nation we are proud of our Multi Cultural heritage, so we pray as this year’s Australia Day comes, that we may support, respect & encourage those who are different to us, all faiths or cultures, & use our resources to be generous to the needy as well as to those who are new to our country. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Week 5. 28-31. Community. Ministries in Outreach. Loving God, you have placed us in a community. We pray today for the community where we live & worship with our neighbours & friends. We pray for the community of Southport CBD, where we are.

Father God, we bring before you in prayer, the residents of our nursing homes. Touch their lives with a wholeness in their later years with healing, compassion & care in their many & varied daily needs. We pray for the elderly who are lonely & live alone.

Pray for our Outreach Ministries; Community Breakfast, 4C’s Craft, Uniting Friends, Youth Group, Mainly Music, 4pm Café Church, Crossroads, Prayer & Nurture Groups.

God of faithfulness & justice, in our plenty, we pray for those in need. We pray for those in violent situations, in poverty, homeless, in distress or persecution. Our world needs restoration & balance – show us how to play our part & reach the needy. Amen