Newsletter 1st Dec 2019

Southport Uniting Church.              Let’s Pray Together               December 2019

Connecting with the Heart of God, Congregation, Community

Please pray daily for: Pakistani Family, Barbara C Labrador Gardens, Margaret S, Jeanette H, Liam (9 years old Leukemia), Lynette S, John N, Betty F, Thelma A, Bruce B, Billie S, Vivienne W, Glenda R, David And Pam W, John and Joan A, Clement J and Family, Ray’s Family, Shirley and Owen C, All our Friends in Nursing Homes.


“The Angel said, Don’t be afraid, I am here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody worldwide.”  St Luke’s Gospel. Ch 2.


Sun 1  Father God, may we prepare our hearts & homes to welcome the Christ Child anew this Christmas. May we welcome all with joyful hearts and voices to tell the Good News of God’s gift of Salvation in His Son Jesus Christ.

Mon 2 As we herald the Christmas Season, pray that Jesus will be the reason for the season in our hearts and for those we love. May we share the message with joyfulness to our community, because of our love for Him. Amen

Tues 3  We seek God’s wisdom in the use of resources within & from our church. Let us act with thankful hearts to share with those whom Christ sends into our lives. Ask God to bless our Elders, Councillors & Church Leaders, amen.

Wed 4  Lord, hear our prayers for Rev Ian, leading us in this busy time of the year. May he be blessed with good health and support from our congregation and God’s inspiration to lead us forward into the future for our Church.

Thurs 5  Dear Jesus, we pray for healing for the many in our congregation who are ill, coping with a diagnosis, ongoing treatment or recovery. As you bring healing into their lives may we bring encouragement & love to them.

Fri 6  Lord, bless our preparations for  your Nativity within our church, in sending out cards & greetings as well as shopping for gifts. Foster in us Lord, a spirit of hope & love this Christmas to share in your name & give generously.

Sat 7  Father God, hear our prayer for the sad & lonely, as well as those who have lost loved ones & feel that the Christmas joy & celebrations are far from them. May love come along beside them and friendship bring light & hope.

Sun 8  Let us give thanks for Crossroads over the many years at our church, as it now concludes. Bless each member as you guide them into the future & bless Brian & Barbara who led and guided us all over the many years. Amen

Mon 9  Lord Jesus, be in the lives of the young people in our Uniting Care homes at this time. May our gift bags, lovingly prepared and donated by our church bring inspiration and love at Christmas, into their young lives. Amen

Tues 10  With our drought still prominent for farmers & country towns, Lord we pray for rain upon our land. Thankful for your many gifts & blessings, we seek your intervention to enable our towns & farms to survive. Amen

Weds 11  All who have lost much in the bushfires Lord are still struggling, so we bring them in prayer, thankful for the donations and kindnesses shown to them. Lord, pour down your mercy on all who are grieving & desperate.

Thurs 12  Heavenly Father, in this hot summer we lift to you the Fire & Emergency services ready to support the community in many ways. May we all appreciate their dedication to duty as we ask a blessing on them all. Amen

Fri  13  We pray for the Christmas Bowl Appeal that the generous givers will be blessed & the recipients receive the Holy Spirit of love with the gifts that make life more sustainable & joyous to their communities & families. Amen

Sat 14  As we decorate our homes, we ask a blessing on the homeless & street people who have no place to call home. May appropriate support & help to encourage them to move on, be available to them. Lord give guidance.

 Sun 15  Loving God, thank you for your supply of our every need and for daily blessings. We give thanks for answered prayer as we confess that we are needing forgiveness for our many errors, failures & sins. Jesus, forgive us. Amen

Mon 16  As our groups & organizations break up for this year may we be grateful for friendships made & for support given to us. We pray for the groups preparing to re commence next year and pray for the dedicated leaders. Amen

Tues 17  Lord, hear our prayers for the children, teachers & parents, as schools go into the long summer vacation. Lord, we seek for safety on our roads, at our beaches & camping spots. May we protect vulnerable young people.

Weds  18    In our search for a new ministry agent at Southport Uniting Church, may God be our light and guide to provide for us in our need to be guided along our future ministry pathways, fulfilling our calling in Christ’s name.

Thurs 19  Remember before God our hospital staff who at this busy time are continually drained of their energies in giving skills & compassion to those in need. We pray for blessings upon them and Lord please keep them all safe.

Fri  20  Precious Jesus, bless the chaplains, especially in Aged Care Homes. Show us how to carry the Christ light for the aged, the frail, those with dementia as well as the wonderful staff who care for and support their needs. Amen

Sat 21  Today Lord, we bring in prayer all who will volunteer in the churches around our Gold Coast during the Holy festivals of Christmas and gatherings of the faithful to worship together. We are thankful for all who give support.

Sun22  Lord, hear our prayers for our world with the hatred & violence, trauma & hardships we often see on our screens. We would pray for your justice & love to prevail, in the name of your Son Jesus who came bringing love.

Mon 23  Let us prepare our hearts anew for Christ, confessing our selfishness, ungratefulness, acts of unkindness or grudges from the past. Blot them out, Eternal God & send the radiance of the light of Christ to replace them. Amen

Tues 24  “The Lord….. will cause the bright dawn of salvation to rise on us & to shine from heaven on all those who live in the dark shadow of death, to guide our footsteps into the path of peace.” Luke 1:78-79. On Christmas Eve we reflect on the birth of Christ, which we will celebrate tomorrow. Reflect on salvation, peace & love in Christ. Amen

Weds 25 Rejoice on the birthday of our King, Jesus. As we welcome & worship him today may we open our minds to receive him even more than ever, to be encouraged to walk in discipleship, humble yet joyful & thankful. Amen

Thurs 26 Look out for someone you can encourage today with a vision of God’s plan for the world. Let us share the spirit of Christmas with our families, neighbourhoods, with our church, with strangers & with God. Amen

Fri 27  Today pray for our church leaders. As they take a break from activities may they find rest & peace in Jesus, to be refreshed with new energies & ideas for the ministries they will take up once more. Lord bless them each one.

Sat 28  Heavenly Father we pray for the young people who left school this year as they contemplate the future. We pray for opportunities for them as they develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Pray for those known to you. Amen

Sun 29  Lord, we praise you. Lord, we lift your name on high. Lord, we thank you for your mercies. Lord, we seek your blessing today. Pray today about your personal ministry for Christ & where he is leading you from here. Amen

Mon 30  Lord Jesus, hear our prayer for those close to our hearts needing healing, a touch of your love or comfort or for a knowledge of your forgiveness & saving grace. Let us name before Christ all these, and our families, in love.

Tues 31. As the Christmas candles brought us light and joy over Christmas, may the light of Christ be with us into the New Year. Lord Jesus, be a lamp to our feet, illuminating our pathway into the future. We give thanks for the many blessings, past, present & future. May we let go of the old year, venturing forth into new horizons & challenges, as we journey with Christ. Lead us on in the light of your love, sustaining & invigorating us with joyful hearts. Amen

We ask God to lead and direct us at Southport Uniting Church with ministry into 2020. Amen