Stained Glass Window

“Bill Short Memorial”


The Stained Glass Window which was designed by Glenn Mack Studio, Daylesford, is erected in the sanctuary of the Southport Uniting Church and dedicated to the Glory of God.

The concept of the design of the window is to represent PEACE. The background panes of coloured glass have been painted and fired with a feint patina of permanent glass enamel to help prevent sunlight glaring through the glass into the Church.

The Central ‘Creation’ medallion is set against the cross and is fully painted and stained in the traditional way. This medallion shows a picture of harmony and peace emanating from the Holy Spirit as the Heavens, Earth, Sea, Plants and Animals came into being. It may also be interpreted in other ways. It can be seen as a homage to the armed forces who served to preserve peace; the pelicans acting as a reference to the air force, the playing dolphins a reference to the navy, the subtropical forest a reference to the men and women of the army, and the Dove a symbol of peace as it is found on the Uniting Church emblem. The rainforest has included plants typical of the Southport and hinterland region.

The text on the upper part of the circle quotes the beautiful message of Jesus


and the lower part of the circle reads


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