Loving Caring “CONNECTING WITH THE HEART” Listening


Thurs 26. Jeremiah 31: 31-34 Humbly, Father God, I pray for the marginalised in society; the uneducated, powerless, unemployed, disabled, lonely or homeless, sick or in poverty. As the affluent, may we give generously to the needy.

Fri 27. As we give thanks for Blue Care & other organisations who support the elderly we pray for the elderly in our own families, at Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge. Loving God, bless the residents, staff & nurses there. Amen

Sat 28. Word your own prayer today for the peoples of the many Pacific Islands & Nations where Uniting Care & Uniting World minister to the peoples there, bringing healing to their bodies, spirits & to the communities, in love.

Sun 29. Lord, we praise you. Lord, we lift your name on high. Lord, we thank you for your mercies. Lord, we seek your blessing today. Pray today about your personal ministry for Christ & where he is leading you from here. Amen

Mon 30. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer for those close to our hearts needing healing, a touch of your love or comfort or for a knowledge of your forgiveness & saving grace. Let us name before Christ all these, and our families, in love.

Tues 31. Psalm 46 Let us be still & connected, locked together through God, our refuge & strength. Let us reflect on the essence of our life, our energy, our longing, our loneliness, our doubt. We long to hear the symphony of grace all around, in the silence & in the stillness. Here we know that you are God. We place our hands, our hopes, our prayers, with all humanity. In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour & Lord, we pray. Amen

Wed 1. Father God, health issues & stopping the spread of the Corona Virus are crucial in our families, community & world. Lord, be with everyone effected in the many ways. Amen