Prayers for Today

Last updated: March 21, 2019 at 11:24 am

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“Raise your hands in prayer in the temple, and praise the Lord! May the Lord who made Heaven & Earth bless you from Zion.”             Psalm 134: verses 2 -3. 


Thur 21 Connecting with the Heart of Community. Gracious, loving God, may we show hospitality as we share our faith in outreach here at Southport & our home communities.

Fri 22 Children & Youth. Almighty God, we bring to you for blessing the many generations & ages of our own families. Send us to minister with the love of Christ & pray for your family.

Sat 23 Pastoral Care. Lord God, show us how to minister to those who sleep around our church. Be in our judgements & actions, giving us wisdom as well as compassion for all.

Sun 24 Adoration. Today we each one brings our gifts, responsibilities & roles within our church to God for blessing as we graciously acknowledge Jesus as our Lord & Saviour. Amen

Mon 25 Confession. As a church we confess having failed many who dropped in to visit or came & went unseen by us. Open our eyes & hearts to find new energies to try again. Amen

Tue 26 Thanks. We thank God for finances to fund ministry & maintain our property. Thankyou God for generosity to our community & that we can support those in need. Amen

Wed 27 Supplication. We pray for those recovering from drought, flood or storm damage both in our own state & country & overseas in the many areas of need, violence or war.