Prayers for Today

Last updated: November 7, 2019 at 10:12 am

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Thur 7 “She began to wash his feet with her tears.” Luke 7:38. Let us serve at the feet of Christ – not forgetting what it is like on the outside. Pray for the homeless & destitute.

Fri 8 Mainly Music 10am. As the toddlers, parents & helpers meet today Lord, we ask you to bring joy & hopefulness into their lives as they share & support each other in love. Amen

Sat 9 Father God, direct us to be generous when charities are seeking our help. Direct us to where funds are needed & where we as a family & church will be generous in Jesus. Amen

Sun 10 4pm Café Church. Lord God, gather us together to share worship, praise & to encourage as we learn of you & go out renewed & refreshed to face our week ahead. Amen

Mon 11 God of comfort, we bring to you the residents of Labrador Gardens & Woodlands Lodge for blessings & support in their daily lives. Bless the staff that cares for them. Amen

Tue 12 4C’s Craft Group. We give thanks to God for Christian fellowship & shared creativity within this group & for the leaders through the years. We pray for the future leaders. Amen

Wed 13 “Your sins are forgiven.” Luke7:48. Be renewed each day in God’s love as you confess any wrongs & be forgiven. Read the story in your Bible & be blessed in Jesus Christ.