Prayers for Today

Last updated: September 19, 2019 at 11:35 am

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Remember to pray daily for those needing ongoing prayer in their daily lives.

Thurs 19  Remind us of Your Grace precious Lord so that we will see Your likeness in the ‘homeless’ community.  Give us the compassion to embrace them as our neighbours and we pray that YOU, Lord, will unleash the divine potential within each one and set them free precious Lord. Amen

Fri 20 Almighty God we give Thanks for the sound and data volunteers as they sacrifice their needs to serve others during the services.  Lord let it be known to them, that YOU appreciate their service, as does the Congregation. Amen

Sat 21  We thank you All Compassionate God for the hearts of the Pastoral Carers in Your Church and beyond.  Teach us to be bold with Your Word, heed Your Promises and to quietly listen to Your Whispers for direction in this ministry. Pave the way Lord we pray. Amen

Sun 22 Heavenly Father we ask for your mercy to shower those who may be fretful or ill at ease in the Congregation.  Drape your absolute Goodness over all, and draw each one close so they hear you say “You are mine, you belong to me”.  Give Your Blessed Assurance O Great Redeemer that You can truly be TRUSTED in ALL circumstances.  In Gratitude we pray. Amen

Mon 23 We give thanks as we express our prayerful appreciation of our Church Treasurer Bryan, (Bruce & Laurel) for the years of confidentiality, faithfulness, concern and dedication for the accountability of SUC monies each week. Amen

Tues 24 May loving kindness continue to radiate out from the Nurture Groups.  We pray that these groups are protected by Your Heavenly hosts and that they are filled with wonder and excitement as they delve deeper into Your Word Lord. Give them an insatiable hunger for more. Amen

Weds 25 Father God, we pray that Your Church will think about these things day and night: Whatever is True, whatever is honourable, just, pure, lovely, whatever is commendable, excellent and anything worthy of praise. Amen