Prayers for Today

Last updated: January 17, 2019 at 9:27 am

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“Raise your hands in prayer in the temple, and praise the Lord! May the Lord who made Heaven & Earth bless you from Zion.”             Psalm 134: verses 2 -3. 


Week 3. 14-20. Grace in God – Guidance in the Holy Spirit. Through the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Loving God, you come to us. Make your home in our hearts to catch a glimpse of your majesty & as your servants, be part of your kingdom, here on earth.

Creator God, help me today to be satisfied where you have placed me & to brighten the lives of those around me with the love of Jesus. In His blessed name, Amen.

“O Lord, our Lord, your greatness is seen in all the world.” Psalm 8:1. We thank God for cultural diversity, love shared in families & communities, human endurance & capability & for life itself. Take time to ponder on the blessings God bestows.

Loving God, some journeys this year will be familiar, some new, while some endeavours will be long & tedious. Enable us Lord, each one, to be strong in your power & love. Show us how to walk humbly through life with you. Amen